Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Cards cards cards

Ok, rant time again. I've just booked my flights to Italy for the seminar cycle I'm attending at the University of Florence. I ran into the same problem I had with my flight to the Zoo: British Airways don't accept Visa Electron. How stupid is that? Neither does Expedia, how stupid is THAT? [BTW: Debenhams don't take Visa Electron either!! Imagine!! God this country] The credit card I have has a billing address in Ireland, so it is not possible to book flights leaving the UK - they only accept UK billing addresses. So I had to fly with Ryanair, which I hate doing...from Stansted! Eeek, I've got to leave at 1am to get a 7am flight. This is just disgusting. And all because:
a) BA, etc are complete luddites about new CHIP technology; and b) Halifax, my bank, will not give me a credit card because I'm a foreigner. I can vote in this country, but I cannot have proper banking facilities. What is so difficult about this?
And don't even get me started on that joke airline Alitalia...

Nothing can be just...easy, can it? And all of this took me hours to work out, what with different flight times, getting here there and whereever. Now I'm flying to Forlì (the city Ryanair helpfully call 'Bologna (Forlì), which is like saying London (Manchester)): taking a train then to Florence. Apparently it's straightforward, but then again...
And my Zen is completely upset for the day. Doh!

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