Wednesday, 20 July 2005

War of the Worlds

Ok, I know I know. I should not have expected much, and I suppose I didn't really. But boy, I didn't get much. It was a truly awful awful film. All those interesting storylines gone untapped and unexplored. An undeveloped mass of crass cliches. DO NOT GO TO SEE IT. Stay at home and read HG Wells.

I did just see the last double episode of CSI, directed by...Quentin Tarantino. It was wonderful. Nick, one of the team, is kidnapped and buried alive, and the rest of them race to save him. Some very Tarantino scenes in it. Great stuff. BTW: don't bother watching the NY or Miami spin-offs, they are very bad parodies.

Also got to catch up on the last few episodes of the West Wing. Santos is getting very close to becoming the nominee but who will be the VP nominee? Leo. Hmm. Not sure about that, what with his heart problem, and history of substance abuse. But I'd prefer him than Bingo Bob. I think the writing is still excellent, and hasn't lost any of its freshness. It has changed over six years, but I am still a big fan. Especially now that there is so little to watch on TV.

Back in Oxford. Back to work....gawd. Work.

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Anonymous said...

Go see [i]Batman Begins[/i]!


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