Wednesday, 27 July 2005


Darragh just said my opinion is null and void. He's right. I'd like to say that I haven't a clue what I'm talking about, my parents didn't buy me comics when I was growing up because they thought it was a waste of money. So now I've got this complex about comics. I did watch 'Anything Goes' on Saturday morning where they would show the cartoon 'Batman', and the TV series. I enjoyed those. Especially where those signs 'Clank' and 'Crunch' etc would pop up on screen - Yeah, I missed those from the film...I think it would have added some authenticity.

So now I go around thinking people who read comics are sad. It's yet another complex aspect to my mixed up mind. Will I ever achieve enlightenment? Can't I just live and let live? Whyyy?

I just used the last of my book grant towards Minnis' The Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The Shorter Poems. It's such a good introduction. A model of its kind I think. But why is it so friggin expensive? Haven't they heard of paperbacks? I know it's big. But still. I did manage to wrangle a discount out of Blackwell's. I know they're going bust and everything, but I'm still a poor student. I want to buy Suzanne Reynolds' book on medieval glosses on Horace and reading practices's out in paperback (apparently). And Oxfam have a new bookshop on Turl St. It smells of paint. It's just wrong in a bookshop. But it's new.

New Obsession: Squash. It's such fun. I mainly play with Gregor and Eric, who are both beginners, so we just fumble around on court. I played with Craig who kicked my lily arse around the court in a most undignified manner. I went through six games without scoring a point. I think that must count for something!

I've just found a super blog: Whose Culture Is This? Funny, rude, and I don't understand a word. But she is that can't be all bad.

Can't you tell I'm procrastinating on working on the Legend of Good Women?


hesitant hack said...

look at me!
go down to the features menu
I look ridiculous, actually. I accept it. SIGH.

hesitant hack said...

by the way, does Anonymous know that you are "fumbling around on court" with Gregor and Eric?
And when are you coming home? our leaving do is on the 19th, so you'd better be there. I just ordered a whole lot of 1920s NY postcards on ebay to use as invitations...

Anonymous said...

Next time I see you, 'Legend of Good Women' notwithstanding, I'm going to force you to read 'Dark Knight Returns', coolio!

Miglior acque said...

Arghg! I can't see your stuff 'cause I need a password! Keep me the stuff if you have it and I'll read it when I get back, on 17th! Just in time for your do. I can't believe you are going away! Sob.
Fumbling involves nothing sexual, do not be alarmed.
Darragh: right so. Never let it be said that I'm not open to changing my well thought out prejudices.


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