Thursday, 14 July 2005

My new favourite bookshop

I'd like to tell you about a really cool bookshop I have just discovered in Bologna. It's called Libreria delle Moline, in via delle Moline 3/A (051-232053). There have some great stuff there, and have a very high quality stock of second-hand books, which is not nearly as common here as it is in Ireland or the UK. Anyway, the owner, Gregorio, told me that he might be able to find Opere minori in the Ricciardi-Mondadori series, and also in the same series Poeti del Duecento. Cool. If this works out I'll post again on it. Three years of looking for this stuff, I'll definitely post on it!

Went for lunch yesterday with Gino, Giulia, and Estella. We went to their usual huant, Caffè dell'Accademia, all the memories! I'm not sure the owner remembers me, but that's ok! I highly recommend it, though. Apparently lots of famous people go there, but being famous myself I don't notice these things! We spent the day together and met up again with Gino for dinner. It was lovely really to see them all again.

I'd also like to recommend an internet cafe here in Bologna in via Oberdan, 17b, called HappyNet. You wouldn't believe how much trouble I had to find a place I could hook up to the internet and get my mail. So this place is like an oasis! There have computers and ethernet cables so you can bring your own laptop, and they tell me that in a couple of weeks they'll have Wi-Fi. It's got a kind of bohemian feel actually, and very relaxed, and they are very friendly.

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