Wednesday, 6 July 2005

I may have dreamt all this...

The funniest things happen in the middle of the night. Last night a group of us from the course decided to go out for a drink. In Italy this means going out at 11 pm (that's early!), and staying out until all hours. We bought pints in plastic glasses and, like a group of fine Italian chavs, sat on the steps of Santa Croce. Imagine. Gawd. Anyway, on the way home, we were walking along, not making that much of a racket, when someone opened the window above and threw a bucket of water on top of me! I swear. There was a verbal altercation between some of us who argued it was unreasonable to throw water on top of people, and a simple Italian screech out the window to keep it down would have been sufficient. There was no talking to him. My first thought was: 'This isn't water....", but it was. My second was: "This is a Boccaccio novella!".
On my way home, drenched, I'm walking on a deserted street, I look up, and there are two cats sitting on the sill of an open window, following me with their eyes. I swear that they were about to say something. They had such a look of contempt, like, 'you are such a sad bastard'. It was quite unnerving.

It was good to see Silvia, who is recovering from a kidney stone. I blame the Petrarch seminars, but apparently the doctors think it has something to do with drinking water. She got them zapped and is feeling better now. As soon as some of the others send me photos I'll load them for you to see.

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