Friday, 1 July 2005

Last Day at School

Today is my last day at school. Emilio Pasquini will talk about his edition of the Trionfi. It should be interesting. Siliva Rizzo's paper yesterday was extremely interesting. She's scarily good. And even more so because she's quite modest and disarming. Not a baron(essa) at all.

Went for dinner last night, organized at the last minute, in Claudia's place, with another on the course, Paola. Paola is another example of the kind of calibre of student I'm talking about here. She works on Leon Battist Alberti. During her research she has discovered two previously unknown autographs, and the year of Alberti's birth, written in his own hand. Imagine! Yeah, I'll just dream on, scratching through my notes waiting for something brilliant to jump out and bite me on the arse. Food was great, of course. And Claudia cracked open a bottle of Aurum, a liquer from her area, a bottle that is no longer on the market and quite rare. We didn't help its rarity last night. And then Claudia let me borrow her bike so I could get home; so drunk as lords, Paola directed me in my general area and off I went.

Next week the library and I have to get to know eachother a little better, and maybe I might remember what it is I'm doing again. I'm sure it'll come back to me.

I suppose it's like riding a bike...though usually it feels more like the way I was cycling last night, out of control and going in every direction but the right one. I didn't eventually get home though...

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