Sunday, 31 July 2005

Limited Edition

The chaplain of my college is retiring, and yesterday the college put on a bit of a spread in the Master's Garden. Very nice affair, buckets of champaigne, several of which I looked after, and lots of old students and friends back to say chin up old boy. Stephen Hawking was there - he's an old member -, adding a bit of intellectual weight to the whole thing. I wanted to ask him about this new planet they've discovered, but I was afraid he would explain what it meant for humanity, and that I wouldn't have a clue what he was talking about.
It is mad though, a new planet. Think of all those school charts around the world that now need to be changed. And what are they going to call it?

Apparently I have descended somewhat in the estimation of my friend Nicholas now that he has discovered I have a blog. V sad. Ironically he's the computer geek, not me, though we have had the odd conversation about LaTeX, ahem. I'm afraid I've converted to Mellel...I just couldn't do it!

I have been putting some thought into the design of my study, when I become fabulously wealthy and build my own pile somewhere fashionable and handy for the British Library, or some other such convenience. If anyone has seen the Bernard Rapp film Tiré à part, with Terence Stamp, then you will have seen the study the writer, Nicholas Fabry, works in. Beautful octagonal wooden study, shelves from floor to ceiling, and a nice desk in the middle. Something out of a Borges story. Some day. Some day.

The PD James novel was satisfactory, but not her best. All sorts of wild supernatural and religious storylines floating around. Not entirely convincing.


Anonymous said...

Oh bah. If you buy me a drink I'll tell you how often Nicholas has very nearly created a LiveJournal.

Miglior acque said...

Ha! I knew it! Long time no see T, how are you?


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