Tuesday, 5 July 2005


Today I saw the Certosa at Galuzzo, which is lovely, and spent some time with Paola looking at SISMEL. It's where they produce and edit gorgeous medieval books, library catalogues, and where they produce Medioevo Latino. Quite exciting to see where it all happens, as it were.

I overcame my inhibition and went in to the gorgeous paper shop called Il Papiro, a famous cartoleria here in Florence. Their stuff is so nice. I had a chat with Janet, an American lady who works there, who helped assuage my guilt at buying such luxurious paper. "You're worth it". I'm over it now, of course. And I didn't spend that much at all. I was so close to getting cards printed. Jaysus. Instead I bought a little set of blank cards with my surname inital on it. Classy. When I win the lotto I'm going to open an account with them!

Cloudy today, and a little rain. No bad thing. Relieve the tension in the sky a bit.


hesitant hack said...

didn't you already spend your budget on Gucci sunglasses? And I can't believe you let an American woman talk you into that. What next, believing the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes propaganda to be true love?

Miglior acque said...

Steady on! I wanted the paper!! And no, I decided the Prada sunglasses were too expensive (400 big ones)! And I only just heard about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, like yesterday! God. I must be getting old.


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