Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Idea #13224

I have an idea. This might be a good idea, or it might be a bad idea. And that's where you come in. I need you to post a response to this so I can see what's the temperature.

What about posting short podcasts of people talking about a poem? These podcasts, in the form of mp3s could be downloaded by the reader from this blog, listened to, and a response posted. It could create an informal forum for talking about medieval literature. The format of the discussion could be you and me talking about the piece, or you and someone else. Say you've worked on Sir Orfeo for an essay, why not sit down with your lecturer/professor for 20 mins and talk about it? It's a way of harnessing the informality of the internet in a combination of spoken and written word to our advantage. So things don't need to be very polished but, since you might be replying to posted comments, ideas need to be worked out logically too.

Post comments with your thoughts, suggestions, etc. Please!


Anonymous said...


Miglior acque said...

Sorry, I meant CONSTRUCTIVE comments!

Tara said...

Hm. On the face of it, yes, this would be extremely cool. But then I got to thinking, I don't know of an equivalent that exists in text. You can publish in journals, but that is fairly formal (and intimidating for little old me.) And I personally concentrate better on reading than listening.

Also, I think it would be really great, informal, and grassroots at first, but as it caught on it would either need to be regulated (e.g. print journals) or lose its value from too high a volume of content.

I do think it's a neat idea, mind. I'm just spewing.

Miglior acque said...

You are right. This evening I spoke to a couple of friends (Jenni and Sarah, you know who you are!) who were wondering what podcasts were. Ok. Maybe we need to think a bit more. The idea was the spoken and written word would be allowed to interact in a cool cyber sort of way (you know, the whole Captain Planet "with our powers combined" sort of way). That it would be stimulating in a different way to tradition formats. But maybe the "technology" is getting in the way.

Chris Csefalvay said...

Prima facie, it's cool.

Really cool.

I'm an outsider (doing law), but I like poetry and stuff, and I'd gladly listen to it. BUT: more could be done (not necessarily only by you, m.a.). In the last couple o' days, I've been hunting for a decent criminal law podcast, found only a US one, which is about as useful for me as one from Ghana. So: what about making one for other subjects, too? I have plenty of storage to host it, so that shouldn't be a problem, and with decent encoding - I guess no one will listen to a podcast on a high-end stereo -, it shouldn't be unreasonably much.


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