Sunday, 6 November 2005


I saw Downfall last night, about the last days of Hitler. It is an excellent film, full of the terror of a crumbling 'empire', Hitler's disbelief of the extent and disconnection with the reality of the failure around him. Most of the action of the film takes place in the bunker and the sense of claustrophobia and impending doom is just inescapable. It doesn't make for easy viewing.


Chris Csefalvay said...

Downfall is a good movie. I had the luck to see Traudl Junge in person, it was an interesting experience, and the movie's rendition of her is quite authentic.

As for the repeated complaints that it is too sympathetic with Hitler - what a complete bollocks!

Miglior acque said...

Wow, that's quite something. I do not believe that the film is sympathetic to Hitler. It's just not the case. But it is a very powerful representation of how things fall apart.


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