Sunday, 27 November 2005

Beware: Mellel & Grammarian

This is a (sort of) technical post about computery things: if you do not know how to switch on a computer just listen to the elevator music in your head and I'll be right with you.

My mood is frustrated and angry.

For a while now I've been using Grammarian Pro with Mellel. It's supposed to be a nifty spell-checker that gives you interactive pop-ups with suggestions for both spelling and grammar. All sounds great. So I'm tidying something to give to the superV and I decide to do a spell-check. It goes through the entire text, and then makes the changes all together at the end. It asks you "do you want to paste the changes?", to which I said yes. I had already made another couple of small changes and saved before I realized exactly what this thing had done. It strips your formatting first of all, so indentations, italics, all such are gone. Very helpful. Then came the horror the horror. It had stripped and deleted EVERY FOOTNOTE in the text. Now just think how helpful I thought Grammarian was at that very moment.

Tech support got back to me quite quickly, but say they are still testing stuff. Great. Oh and no they can't give me a refund. To me, this piece of software is worthless. I recognize that those of you using other programs to write with might have positive experiences, and that's fine. But for me, this is a chocolate wristwatch. And I sure am sorry I wasted my money on it.

Just know what this thing does before you buy it, and if you use Mellel, do not buy it. It's not compatible enough. Simple as that.

Now just press the elevator button for the roof please....

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