Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Chaucer: A Bibliographical Manual

Eleanor Prescott Hammond's famous Chaucer: A Bibliographical Manual, first published by Macmillan in 1908 and reprinted in 1930 has been reprinted again by Higginson Books (NY) in a library binding: Barnes & Noble are selling copies for 25 squids. It is not beautiful but the book is extremely useful, which is remarkable for a book of its age and for a bibliography. Testament to her brilliance I suppose. The greats don't date.

It's one of those books, like Brusendorff's The Chaucer Tradition, that you easily forget are there and when you go back to them you realize how comprehensive and stimulating they are.

My copy of Giorgio Brugnoli, Identikit di Lattanzio Placido: Studi sulla scoliastica staziana, ETS Editrice: Pisa, 1988 (ISBN: 88-7741-409) was defective when it arrived, misbound with blank pages left right and centre. But a quick email (perhaps a little more stern than it should have been) to the publishers resulted in a fresh correctly bound copy being sent straight away. So thank you ETS!

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