Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dominic Stevens

Dominic Stevens is a very talented architect based in Co. Leitrim, in the north west of Ireland. Since this is my home county, it is such a thrill to think that he’s working there. He has designed a few rather interesting houses in the county, including the wonderful ‘Mimetic House’, in Dromahair. Some photos are included below. One thing he’s been very vocal about is how houses don’t actually have to cost that much. The reason they do is that banks, developers and government coffers have all worked together to make property cost what it did. To prove this, he has developed a house that costs €25,000. The details of how to build such a house are now included in a wonderful website: www.irishvernacular.com and I highly recommend a visit. What is so exciting about this website is the way that it urges a complete rethink of the very idea of houses and property, and gives practical advice on how to go about doing this, including plans, instructions, the whole lot.

In the meantime, take a look at the ‘Mimetic House’ and enjoy:

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