Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Rain - in June, Imagine

So the Strawberry Field is no more, and not even poor aul' Yoko could save it this time. Kinda sad I suppose. And the Dutch are about to say Ne, well that might not be a bad thing. People might start to get worried about Europe and in the end it will only get stronger and I won't have to listen to the anti-European nonsense all over the place here.

Just for the record: I think that Christopher Hitchens is a royal pain in the ARSE and I'm sick of listening to his moaning and whining and pseudo-intellectual sheiße.

I'm sorry, that's terribly undignified of me. It's not quite what he says, it's the way he says it.

Derek Pearsall is giving a paper at the Graduate Medieval Seminar this afternoon. I'm rather looking forward to it, he's always good for a laugh. His paper is on 'The Lament of the Last Survivor'.

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