Monday, 13 June 2005

E con una verghetta l'aperse

The building is which we have our seminars is very nice, quite a mini pastoral idyll with trees in the garden outside, the wild city kept at bay with the palazzo walls. When it became obvious that there was no pointer with which the eminent professor could illustrate details on his slide show, one of the assistants must have rushed out, pulled off the nearest branch, wrapped some scotch tape around it, and presented it to him to use. So here he is using a Golden Bough to illustrate his lectures. I giggled.
I also asked a question, about whether we knew anything about scribal training in Greek texts; I asked because I didn't know the answer. He answered like I shouldn't have asked the question. I might keep quiet again.

Florence still looks beautiful.

I'm off to eat something and go book browsing.

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