Thursday, 9 June 2005

Allegorical Soup

You know when you are really busy and running around with very little time, and then something very silly happens that holds you up in an extremely frustrating way? Like when you're rushing out the door and you tear your shirt on the door handle, or you lose a button. Usually it is not something serious, usually it is something stupid, and it makes you very angry and then frustrated for getting angry at something so silly.

I just dropped my wallet into a bowl of soup. This doesn't sound serious, but do you know how messy that is to clean up? All my cards, covered in cauliflower soup. I had to empty the wallet, wash everything individually, then wash the wallet, and now have the many little pieces of my life before me drying.

The reason I'm so busy is that we are one day away from our Allegory conference. It's called On Allegory: Aspects and Approaches, at Lincoln College. I'm really looking forward to it and think that there are some interesting papers lined up.


Anonymous said...


hesitant hack said...

never mind miglior, at least you managed to get a witty post title out of it. Good luck with the Allegory conference. If there is a lunch provided, I would recommend going for the sandwich or something equally solid.


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