Thursday, 9 February 2006

In Our Time: Geoffrey Chaucer

Listen to the latest programme of In Our Time on BBC Radio 4 about Geoffrey Chaucer. The three experts are Caroline Larryngton, Ardis Butterfield, and the great Helen Cooper. Well worth listening to! Poor Melvyn just wouldn't leave the whole 'what kind of English is it?' question. You just want to give him a little slap on the wrist and tell him to listen!
You can also download this as a podcast from the Apple iTunes Music Store.


Anon said...

many thanks for this.


Anon said...

sorry for barging in again, but melvyn bragg comes out such an idiot really!

Miglior acque said...

No prob. Yeah you just want to sigh a lot to him and say 'may I speak now?'
Dame Edna Everidge has a wonderful quote to Melvyn where she's talking about all the books that he has written and she says: 'Stop writing for a little while Melvyn and give us all a chance to catch up...' I love that.


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